BABY DANCE (ages 2 - 3 years) 


Our Baby Dance Program is the perfect first step into the dance world for our littlest dancers. We have two fun and interactive classes at this age group which can be taken on their own or with the participation of Mommy or Daddy! These classes are half an hour a week and run from September 2021 - June 2022. All our Baby Dancers will be included in our Photo Day and Year End Showcase in June 2022; nothing beats seeing your teeny dancer in their very first costume!

Baby Ballet

This class is perfect for our budding ballerinas! Our Baby Ballet class incorporates fun props into class to enhance their learning as they explore the early stages of ballet.  Whether your little one loves princesses, unicorns, or superheroes, our Baby Ballet class is the perfect combination of imagination and learning. Engaging music, structured class time, the oh-so-special sticker at the end of class keeps our tiniest dancers smiling from start to finish!

Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tots class is a popular one for our little dancers! This class is centred around exploring movement and uncovering the wonderful world of dance. Your little one will have a blast using props, discovering different musical rhythms, and develop gross and fine motor skills as they take part in various obstacle courses throughout the weeks. Our upbeat music will be the perfect match for your tiny tots' bubbling energy!

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MINI DANCE STARS (ages 4 - 6 years)


Our Mini Dance Stars Program offers unique and engaging classes for our little dancers! Fun-filled, age appropriate classes will keep your dancer moving and motivated as they embark on the path of discovering more style-specific steps. Whether your dancer wants to learn more about tap, ballet, or hip-hop, we’ve got the class for you! Our Mini classes are the perfect platform for your dancer to socialize with peers and begin to create relationships with new friends. All our Mini Dance Stars classes will take part in our end of year photo day and prepare a recital dance for our June showcase!

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Creative Movement

A ballet-jazz combination class that is dedicated to continuing the exploration of different dance movements. Imagination leads the way in our Creative Movement class as our instructors guide our dancers in different story-telling settings through the art of dance. Come join us during this exciting class and discover the different ways we can move and dance as mermaids, jungle animals, astronauts and more!

Tiny Tumblers

Do you have a little one who just loves to be upside down? Our Tiny Tumblers class is a great fit for our little dancers to begin learning the basics of acrobatic arts. This class focuses on building strength, increasing flexibility, and safely mastering proper basic positioning of the body. Our incredible Acro instructors will provide a safe and exhilarating experience all year long as your dancer develops beginner acrobatic skills!

Tiny Tappers

Come join us as we begin to explore the wonderful world of tap! This class is perfect for our little ones who love music and just can’t keep their feet still! Our Tiny Tappers class will keep their happy feet moving as they begin to discover different rhythms and the early stages of tap technique. Grab some tap shoes and meet us in the studio for a fun and exciting class!


Mini Movers

Welcome to our hip-hop class for our little ones who just love to be on the move. This high-energy class combines upbeat music with energetic movement that is sure to keep your dancer bouncing around all class long. We recommend registering quickly, this one is a popular class at our studio and will fill up fast!


Primary Ballet

Our Primary Ballet class is the perfect way to introduce your little dancer to the beautiful art of ballet! This class focuses on enhancing your dancer’s coordination, balance and flexibility. Your ballerina will begin to learn the basic ballet positions, steps, and terminology through work at the barre, travelling across the floor, and center floor exercises. This class is a fan-favourite and we can promise that watching them onstage in June will be tutu-cute!




Our Junior program is filled with fun and is one of most popular programs at the studio! We’ve got a style for every one of your dancers desires and each class is structured to keep them moving from the moment they walk in, to the moment they dance out. Read more down below to learn about the different benefits that each style offers. Our Junior dancers love our high energy and enthusiastic instructors and they are sure to build new friendships with classmates as they dance their way through the season. No previous dance experience is necessary! All of our Junior Dance Adventurers classes will be included in our end of year Photo Day and again on stage in June for Showcase.  

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Lyrical and Contemporary dance are a beautiful combination of ballet and jazz technique.  These popular styles encourage dancers to be versatile in their expressions, movements and emotion. It focuses on spatial and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, leaps, turns, flexibility, control, and safe body alignment. These styles have been around for years but have been made even more popular with shows like “World of Dance!”



Acro is a fusion of artistic motion and athleticism. In our acrobatics program, contortion and tumbling skills are learned at the appropriate levels and are seamlessly incorporated with dance choreography. These classes include many strength and flexibility drills to allow our students to perform skills safely and correctly. At WDI, we follow the Acrobatics Arts syllabus to ensure that our dancers are learning the progression of skills safely while under the care of our experienced instructors. 




Hip Hop is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements and technical elements to create art with a strong history. Dancers will be influenced by the four pillars of hip hop; DJ-ing, Emceeing, Graffiti and Breaking as they explore freedom of movement and adding their personality to that movement. Dancing to a combination of old classics and the latest popular tunes, your dancer will be moving to the beat both in and out of the studio.

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Our ballet program focuses on RAD classical ballet technique. Barre work, center and across the floor exercises are designed to better a dancer’s technique, as well as performance and confidence. With quality and knowledgeable instruction, and an encouraging environment, these classes will be a perfect fit for those who aspire to improve their ballet dancing!